Concrete Work at our Los Angeles facility

As an ever expanding touring company we eventually would have to make our way out to Los Angeles. With the warm weather and bustling atmosphere nothing is more apparent than we are a long way away from Cork. Getting used to the new place we decided get some work looked at, most our concrete slab floors and foundation needed repair so we called Los Angeles Concrete Pros.

Our new facility was in serious need of major concrete repair. Our concrete slab and concrete sidewalk all needed to be resurfaced. We contacted the best concrete contractors Los Angeles had available using their site They repaired our foundation, our concrete sidewalks and even added a stamped concrete patio to the back of the facility. As far as a concrete contractor goes, I cannot recommend them enough. Doesn’t matter if it is just for some quick concrete leveling or resurfacing, they are super professional and warranty their work.

Growing a company that literally gives tours around the world has been nothing shot of a challenge. We count ourselves lucky every time along the trip that we find people with the same values and ethics as we do. trusting these companies with the very real estate we purchase to run our business is hard, but it can also be largely rewarding!

Published by Caleb Lee

Mr. Lee has been giving tours of the Irish Isles for the last 25 years and going. As an expert of not only Gaelic culture but of all things Northern Europe we could never have picked a better tour guide. Mr. Lee has helped us expand our tours group into the states and down into areas such as Miami, Ft. Louderdale, Texas and beyond!